Silk Road 2011

In November & December 2011 I headed to China to tour the historic Silk Road that Marco Polo made famous centuries ago; the major trade route of the ancient world. Accompanied by the finest US musicians and generic levitra online pharmacy humans you could meet, “The Village” toured from Hohhot to Urumqi, stopping to i recommend generic viagra from india perform and collaborate all along the way with only the goal of building bridges and dissolving difference by communing in good music. Supported by the US Embassy and the Chinese International Center for Exchange, we performed extensively at schools, universities & theaters, and spontaneously on city walls and in town squares all across China’s “Wild West”. We also collaborated with amazing local musicians all along the route including Han Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Hui and Uyghur musicians. With 12 videos (2 on National Geographic World Music), photo albums for every stop, and a map of gay viagra'>gay viagra our route along the Silk Road, we invite you to join us on look here 100 mg levitra the journey right here!

The Village is Abigail Washburn (banjos & vocal), Kai Welch (keys, trumpet, guitar & vocal), Jamie Dick (drums), Jared Engel (bass), Ross Holmes (fiddle), Brittany Haas (fiddle), Cain Hogsed (sound man), Luke Mines (videographer and editor).


Click below to start the video playlist. To skip ahead to the next video, select the “next” arrow at the bottom of the video. There are 12 recap videos total.

The Journey

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Click below to view a photo slideshow from each day. View all Abigail’s photos on Flickr here.

November 15 - Hohhot Day Off: Inner Mongolia Museum & The Most Beautiful Women in Chinese History's Tomb

NOV 16 & 17 Yinchuan Muslim Culture Park to Lanzhou Shadow Puppets

NOV 18 Xi'an Day One Xi'an Conservatory Show

NOV 19 Xi'an Terracotta Warriors to the City Wall

NOV 20 Goodmorning Xi'an & Shadow Puppet Collaboration!

NOV 21 & 22 Lanzhou Pulled Noodles Delight, ETC

NOV 23 & 24 Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Hang

NOV 25-28 Xinjiang, Uighur Hangs & Happy Thanksgiving!

Deepest gratitude for making this journey possible: US Embassy Beijing, Chinese International Center for Exchange, AC Entertainment, O’Neil Hagaman, Patagonia, Kid Logic Media, China’s Ministry of Culture and look there mexico cialis all of the local Cultural Bureaus along the Silk Road, friends & family

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